Industry leading, award-winning Blackbox

Fraiser’s award-winning, cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the way campaigns and nonprofits target supporters and donors while prioritizing privacy and security.

Privacy and Security is Our Priority

Fraiser gets just how important privacy is when handling clients’ email lists. That’s why we built an industry-first privacy layer, Blackbox, so your data is always protected.

With Blackbox, not only is your data kept secure and private when Fraiser crunches the best new-to-list matches for your client, but it also underpins Fraiser Performance for Campaigns for participating clients and Performance Co-Op for Nonprofits.

It’s As Simple As...

📍 Select

Select your unique targeting parameters. Everything from geography to email domains.

📤 Upload

Securely upload your raw or hash file of names you already have for deduping.

✅ Adjust & Download

Select your budget and download your new email list immediately, at the click of a button.

How Fraiser Keeps Your Data Secure

Fraiser's state of the art privacy layer keeps data secure and anonymized.

When using Fraiser to find a new list for your client, you upload your hash or raw emails so that you’re only acquiring targets that aren’t already known to your client.

This data is instantly encrypted and sent to the Blackbox privacy layer, never touching the Fraiser database. We also send our data to the Blackbox privacy layer based on your search (we trust it too!) so that the new-to-list calculation can happen in a secure and near instantaneous way. Delete your files at anytime – you have full control.
Fraiser Performance gets data back only on Fraiser records.

When participating in Fraiser Performance (select clients only) or the Performance Co-Op, Blackbox monitors performance of your acquired lists from Fraiser. All performance data is crunched and analyzed in Blackbox – away from the Fraiser platform or database.

When there are helpful signals about the records you’ve acquired through Fraiser, Blackbox sends that back to the Fraiser database to continuously improve our lists for you.

Built & Backed By Campaign Operatives and Leading Security Experts

When our team set out to build Fraiser, we knew we wanted to put privacy and security first – and feel it’s mission-critical to build a sustainable and positive digital acquisition industry long term.

Underneath the hood, we’re proud that Fraiser’s engineering is led by data privacy and security expert Jordan Noble — who previously built enterprise-level data security software trusted by Microsoft, and directly leverages his years of research into state-of-the-art privacy methods during his Ph.D.

Put simply — we know that privacy is of the utmost importance to you and your clients, and at Fraiser, we take our role in this seriously.