How a top Federal Democratic PAC Achieved 500% ROI in 83 Days with Fraiser’s Re-Engagement.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of political fundraising, maintaining an engaged and active donor base is critical for success. A Federal Democratic PAC faced the challenge of reactivating high-quality leads and donors from their expanding 2023 inactive list. Learn more about how this top PAC turned to Fraiser’s Re-Engagement tool to breathe new life into their campaign with a modern, data-first strategy.

The PAC, with a mission to champion progressive values and support candidates aligned with its principles, has a track record of impactful campaigns that consistently attract a diverse and dedicated base of supporters.

As the PAC expanded its outreach in early 2023, it faced the inevitable challenge of managing a growing inactive list. Understanding the critical role that dormant supporters played in the success of their campaigns, the PAC knew their inactive list posed a significant challenge in maintaining the high-bar of support and engagement that they always strived for.

They needed a new way to efficiently and effectively reconnect with these contacts and time sensitivity added another layer to the challenge: With the 2024 elections on the horizon, the PAC had a limited window of opportunity to reignite the passion that had fueled their past successes.


As the PAC sought a data-first strategy to revitalize connections with modern technology, they turned to Fraiser’s Re-Engagement tool to help jumpstart their fundraising efforts from their inactive list.

Powered by Fraiser Performance and its award winning platform, Fraiser Re-Engagement is a standout and effective re-activation tool. Clients can quickly and securely identify names with recent donor activity on their inactive list that Fraiser recommends to reconnect with. That way, with just a few clicks, organizations facing growing inactive lists can quickly prioritize who they should focus their efforts on in order to get fast and impactful results.


For this top PAC, Fraiser Re-engagement identified 34,780 records out of an inactive list of 87,019 names in a matter of minutes. With this targeting, the Federal PAC began its re-activation efforts: After just a month, 22% of targets had opted into PACs email outreach and the PAC had achieved 500% ROI in just 83 days through giving efforts.

"During a cycle where grassroots giving felt a massive decrease, Fraiser Re-Engagement proved its weight in gold as it reached 1,610 donations in less than 90 days. For an organization of any size, this tool is invaluable to bring lapsed donors back into the fold." -D.A., Executive Director of Federal PAC

Frasier Re-engagement was critical in helping the PAC re-capture the energy and enthusiasm of its past donors, reverse the growth of their inactive list, and pushing the PAC to hit its end of quarter fundraising goals.

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